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A Borderline's New "Favorite Person"



Welcome to The BPD Project: Your personally curated subscription box that keeps your mental health in mind!

Every month, you'll discover inspiring, hand-selected self-care items to promote positivity and healing through mental health struggles - a box made for Borderlines by Borderlines. Each theme will be based on common struggles: depression, anxiety, relationships, distress tolerance, and more! Not only will your subscription come with the touch of personal understanding, but a unique corresponding DBT skill card will be included to always support you on your mental health journey!

Join today & receive 15% off your first box:

Thank you for being you!


While you wait for our a full website to launch, check out what's on our book list!

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Stay in the know with product reviews, sneak peaks, and relatable + personal BPD stories


Download various inspiring and artsy resources to hang up or hand out


Check out some borderline crazy tracks on our Spotify playlist

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