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The BPD Project was founded in 2020, all starting with the simple concept of a heishe bead bracelet and an Instagram account. A bracelet that contains 18 clay beads, each one representing the 9 criteria for BPD and 9 positive attributes of BPD, The BPD Project flourished into a business. What started with an educational Instagram has now grown into a soon-to-be subscription box company for those who struggle with mental health. 


The BPD Project is committed to spreading awareness about BPD, along with other mental health issues, and tactics to cope with certain symptoms by providing self-care kits that contain DBT skills and related products to help people react and respond in a healthy way.


The BPD Project is determined to end the stigma on mental health, specifically BPD, while being able to provide self-care kits and educational posts for individuals to learn how to cope with certain symptoms and unhealthy habits.

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Meet the team of millennial women dedicated to changing the stigma on mental health one box at a time

Andrea Schultz

My name is Andrea Schultz and I'm the founder of The BPD Project. My education background is in mechanical engineering from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology while my personal interests (when I'm not analyzing pivot tables and histograms) have been in mental health, content creating for Instagram, and self-development. I have personally struggled a lot when it comes to mental health, being diagnosed with both Borderline Personality Disorder and Bipolar Disorder among other co-morbid disorders, and I want to be able to share my experiences so that others can not only relate but feel less alone in their journey. What started as a passion project has now flourished into a business and a team of women passionate about mental health. When I'm not working my full time job as an engineer, I enjoy working on this project, hiking, camping, ballet, painting, journaling, and loving on my cat and chinchilla.

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Ashley MacPherson

As a graduate of the University of Washington who studied Public Health - Global Health, I am very passionate about mental health. I believe it’s a major aspect of our daily life because it affects one’s ability to learn and engage with the world. It’s so important to be able to check in with yourself and have access to proper resources.  I look forward to planning and executing events with the BPDP team to strive toward that vision. I hope to incorporate new ideas and to promote health messages and resources to a wider audience.I love volunteering, photography, and hot yoga. When I’m not working with the BPDP team, I am spending time with my daughter and loved ones.I’m so excited to be on this team and I’m hoping this will lead into the pursuit of a Master’s in Public Health by next year.

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Courtney Van Acker

Hi! My name is Courtney Van Acker, and I'm a licensed professional counselor (LPC) with a master's degree in clinical mental health counseling from Wheaton College. I also hold the designation of national certified counselor (NCC). As a mental health counselor, I firmly believe that mental, emotional, and spiritual health is critical to fostering an overall thriving, happy, productive life. I am passionate about helping individuals become the best versions of themselves through connecting with them and forming relationships that are healing and transformative. Each and every person has the potential to radically change the outlook and trajectory of their life through creating a narrative for themselves that is rich with meaning and purpose. When I am not immersed in the field of mental health counseling, I enjoy working out, cooking/baking, spending time in nature, traveling, watching movies and shows, and spending time with my husband, family, and friends.

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Xena Nguyen

My name is Xena and I am so happy to be a part of this team! My education is in Neuroscience and Psychology while my personal interests have been in spirituality and self-development. I am a mental health advocate sharing the realities of what it's like living with mental illness along with encouraging others to seek out help. I am highly sensitive, emotional, and everchanging as a human. I enjoy hiking, soaking up the sun, and reading with my little kitty!

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