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Put your therapy sessions into practice with a subscription box for Borderlines made by a Borderline!

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The BPD Project is a monthly subscription box + online community for those who have been diagnosed or has a loved one who's been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder or other comorbid disorders, such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, etc.

Join today and receive 15% off your first purchase + a chance to win your first box for free!

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At The BPD Project, I’m developing a subscription box service to assist people with mental disorders, specifically Borderline Personality Disorder, who struggle with coping concept application post therapy sessions, like me.


Consider The BPD Project the TalkSpace of subscription boxes, providing people 24/7 access to coping mechanic-related products each month for additional support during emotional duress. There wasn’t an off-the-shelf self-crisis kit before, until I questioned why not.

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I want to help make coping with mental health a little easier post therapy session by providing kits to put your new-learned skills into practice. By helping create a go-to, easy-to-grab collection of products related to self-help skills, you'll be able to progress through your mental health journey in a more meaningful and progressive way!

You'll discover inspiring, hand-selected items to promote positivity, coping, and healing through mental health struggles -
a box made for Borderlines by a Borderline. Each theme will be based on our common struggles: depression, anxiety, relationships, distress tolerance, loneliness, and more! Not only will each order come with the touch of personal understanding, but a unique corresponding DBT skill card will be included to always support you on your mental health journey!

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